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Thread: Internet Connection Issue

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    Internet Connection Issue

    Anybody able to help me out on this one?

    My parents switched to Charter Internet. Cable modem and Netgear router. Their PC is running Windows 8.1. Internet Explorer.

    Their laptop and tablet will connect through the WiFi no problem. The PC will not and keeps getting " The proxy server isn't responding " message.

    When you go to internet options, connections tab, and uncheck " use proxy", the apply button stays grayed out. I then refresh the page and connect. If I then try to go to another page the same issue occurs. Checking options again and use proxy is checked again. Each time I change it and go back it is checked again.

    I have gone into regedit and checked internet settings to make sure user account has full control. I have also reset Internet explorer settings and advanced settings to default.

    Still "use proxy" is checked and I can't seem to get it to stop doing that.

    Anybody have an idea for what I need to do?

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    i suck at networking, its the one part of computers i still dont understand.

    maybe this will help?

    could be malware

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    Thanks Miagi. It had to have been malware, he told me he may have clicked on an ad.

    I just did a complete reformat of the hard drive and reinstalled. The link you posted had more info on what to try than anything I found.

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